Product Review: Green Knickers’ Boxer Shorts

Green Knickers does what it says – sells organic and eco-friendly underwear – predominantly knickers but also boxer shorts.

As a present I received the Eat Organic boxer shorts in a nice green colour. I was going to take some pictures of myself in them, but er it was proving to be a bit tricky so you’ll have to make do with the pictures from the site.


Fairtrade and made from organic cotton (except the label and trim), the boxers have a lovely feel to them and are very comfortable to wear. I’ve got the medium size which proved to be very comfortable, although there are the ones that are a bit tight around the legs which I don’t normally wear but I got used to them and found them very comfortable.

Comparing them to boxer shots I wear that aren’t organic cotton, I wouldn’t say they are better, but they’re as good and a much more ethical and environmentally friendly choice.


Another couple of good points are that the really nice presentation box it comes in is made using recycled materials by a worker’s co-operative in Nepal and also the paper labels enclosed are printed with organic vegetable based inks on recycled paper. And that’s about it, what else can you say about boxer shorts – they work and they’re nice.

You can buy them from Green Knickers themselves, or at Nigel’s Eco Store where they also have ones made from bamboo, women’s knickers and padded cycling boxer shorts too.


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