iChapters Plant A Tree Drive

iChapters is company that sells print and digital textbooks, eBooks and eChapters at a discount. They’re currently running a campaign that will plant a tree for every digital eBook and eChapter purchase through their non-profit planting partner PasoPacifico.org with the Non-Profit Organization ChangingThePresent.org providing the drive accounting and donation processing without charging any handling nor management fee. This offer ends February 15th. For simply writing this review they planted a tree for me so that was nice :).

Their press release states: “In times when environmental issues are a growing concern, and people are looking for simple yet proactive ways to help make a difference, iChapters.com…. announced a month long green campaign aimed at emphasizing conservation, supporting reforestation efforts and reducing the company’s environmental impact by planting trees for every eChapter or eBook purchased through their website…”. Which is a great aim in my opinion!

At the time of writing over 35,000 trees have been planted so it’s obviously going well. They have a facebook page that you can join if you’re so inclined, and will soon have some facebook competitions.

Using the iChapters Website

I had actually never heard of iChapters (perhaps because it’s aimed at school-age students), but I found it easy to use. You can search by title, author, topic or ISBN like you would expect. I browsed the catalog and ran a few searches, there certainly is a lot of topics, apparently they have over 15,000 print, digital and audio tools, as well as online homework solutions such as CNOW, WebCT, and OWL.

I would have liked to be able to sort the results more by name, type, or price as sometimes it took a while to find something I wanted. eChapters start at $1.99, eBooks at $5.99 and text books any price you can think of! Digital downloads are secured with Digital Rights Management (DRM) and while that is only to be expected it’s always a little bit of a pain to begin with.

If you’re buying a textbook or study aid anyway (firstly consider a second hand one if you can!), or eBook then if the price is similar there’s no reason not to buy it from a company that is trying to be environmentally conscious like iChapters.


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