How To Have An Eco Friendly Valentine’s Day

Our friends at Nigel’s Eco Store have sent some suggestions on how to have an environmentally friendly Valentine’s Day.

• Make your own card or support a local artist who hand makes cards from recycled materials.

• Give your loved one a locally-grown plant! Bouquets in florists’ windows have usually been grown on the other side of the world, have been transported thousands of miles and are covered in pesticides. Choose a locally-grown bouquet or plant instead.

• Celebrate with organic wine or champagne.

• For indulgence with a conscience give organic or fair trade chocolates to your loved one.

• If you are splashing out on jewellery how about something fair trade, recycled or vintage?

• Give organic, or hemp lingerie for your lover instead of pesticide-sprayed cotton or non biodegradable polyester.

• Save energy and dine by romantic candlelight. It’s more romantic and you’ll save energy too! Use natural, beeswax or vegetable based candles that biodegradable and are smoke-free.

• Make a meal at home – source local, organic, seasonal produce and add the ingredient of love to a meal especially created for the man or woman of your dreams.

Nigel’s Eco Store has a lot to buy for your loved one, you can read the reviews of some of the products in our shop.


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