Moon Jar (Or Sun Jar Blue) Product Review

The Moon Jar or Sun Jar (blue) is basically a light that turns on when it gets dark. Sounds simple enough. But what makes this different is its solar powered. Oh and it’s pretty cool too.

The idea is that the jar stores up sunshine and gives it you back in the evening. There’s a switch inside the lid which you press when you first open the jar and then it starts storing energy through the solar panel in the lid. As the sun sets it then emits a warm glow throughout the night (well up to five hours on a full charge anyway). It’s a nice idea which works well. The blue light isn’t too cold as I expected to be as it has an LED bulb.

See how it works in this quick video.

As you can see from the video, it’ll switch off if you have another light on which is a plus. It is waterproof so is something that would look good in the garden too.

While its various parts can be recycled and it doesn’t use main’s electricity or drain lots of batteries, I still think it’s environmental credentials are a little shaky – it came packaged in plastic and polystyrene as well. However, it needs to be compared to like products. And having the solar recharging capability is a great plus compared to others. A nice gadget that you can probably do without but makes a good present or cool addition to any home – believe me, people will ask “why you do you have a big jar on your windowsill?”.

It costs £19.99 from Nigel’s Eco Store.


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