Chat Live With GM About The Environment

A great opportunity to chat to an executive from the automotive world, on Wednesday February 6th GM executive Brent Dewar (North America Vice President of Field Sales, Service and Parts) will be online answering questions regarding GM’s environmental programs and positions.

“Since the environment is a hot topic in today’s world, GM wants to set the record straights on its policies and initiatives. The chats are your exclusive chance to ask questions about the company and how it impacts the environment. ”

GMnext logo

The first chat will take place Wednesday, February 6 from:
6pm to 7pm GMT
12pm to 1pm EST (time zone where chat takes place)
10am to 11am PST

Follow this link to ask a question at the time above. The chats are open to everyone.

This video of Brent Dewar below talking about environmentalism will give you an idea of what to expect.


One thought on “Chat Live With GM About The Environment

  1. Will the new small cars that will be developed uín Brazil for Bric countries, include a totally new devepoped engine, totally engineered by GM Brazil, or will standard GM engines be modified?


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