Greener Gadgets Conference 2008

Whilst we couldn’t make it to the Greener Gadgets conference on Friday 1st February, obviously a lot of people could. So from them, some links and a very quick round up of what went on.

Greener Gadgets logo

The aim of the conference was “to discuss the business case for the greening of the consumer electronics industry”, with three main themes of Materials and Life-Cycle, Energy, and Social Sustainability. The keynote speaker was from the One Laptop Per Child project, and there were many panels on the furture of mobile energy and e-waste.

Cool gadgets included the Solio solar charger, and a wind powered charger from MINWIZ, which you can see in the embedded video below:

You can read much more on Inhabitat, Sustainablog and EcoGeek who were there.


One thought on “Greener Gadgets Conference 2008

  1. With the technological advancements going on, we as consumers should also be mindful about our environment, as to whether the gadgets that we are using right now are eco-friendly or not. Go Greener Gadgets!! I salute you..For the latest reviews on the coolest widgets and gadgets available I do recommend this site


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