Heroes Episode Guide – Season 2 Chapter 6: The Line

Okay, forget about what I said in the last episode, I’ve started to get a bit impatient with the lack of action. Things do move along slightly, the introduction of the name Adam Munroe must mean something – he was expecting Peter in Montreal and The Company is interested in him as well. But everything else, well…

To be fair, things did happen. Mr Bennet proves just as ruthless as ever, killing Ivan, and finds the paintings he was after but we don’t know what they mean even when he finds them. Peter finds himself somewhere new (including the future), Mohinder gets Niki to watch over him and er Claire joins the cheerleading squad.

Oh, hang on, Hiro kisses the princess and fractures time. Or something as the present seems to be perfectly fine with everything else happening so who knows what’s going on there. I’m just a bit frustrated by the lack of action. But hold on, there was some action wasn’t there? Yes Sylar, powers or no powers, is just as evil as ever. Now the trio are in America will more things happen? We still don’t know where Sylar’s powers have got to and since killing Candice why haven’t The Company tried to track him down?

I really can’t think of much else to say about this episode. Nathan and Matt weren’t in it and Monica Dawson didn’t do a lot. A bit like the whole episode.


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