Dr Bronner’s Shower Gel (Organic Peppermint Liquid Castile Soap) Product Review

Dr Bronner is nuts. Just look at the bottle and the crazy writing all over it. Saying that though, I’d heard lots about it and was really looking forward to trying out the shower gel when Male-Organics sent it to me to test.

I say ‘shower gel’ but from the ravings on the bottle it’s actually liquid soap so I suppose can be used as handwash and anything else you’d use a soap for. However, as directed by Male-Organics I used it in the shower.


The first thing I noticed it how runny it is. Shower gels that I’m used to are a thick liquid and stay in your hand when you squeeze it on. Squeeze too much out of Dr Bronner and you’ll end up wasting it, a bit of care is needed. However it then works just like other shower gels, foams up nicely and works well cleaning you – which is its purpose.

The smell of peppermint is fantastic and strong. It’s a lovely fresh smell and the first time it made me want to eat one of those peppermint cream things that I haven’t had in years. The smell hangs around for a bit afterwards too which I like.

Then there’s the tingling. Whether it’s the peppermint oil or something else, the gel leaves you tingling as if a light breeze is running over your skin. It’s not unpleasant and doesn’t last long. In fact I quite like it after having used it for a couple of weeks now.


I was a little worried about how quickly I would use it up as I thought that compared to other shower gels I was going through it quicker. However that’s not been the case and it’s hardly gone down after I’ve used it so much.

The ingredients are: Water, Saponified Coconut-Hemp-Olive Oils (with retained Glycerin), Olive Fatty Acids, Peppermint Oil, Rosemary Extract.

And if you get bored of reading the bottle (how could you possibly?) then there’s an interesting video below. While it does talk about an aging rocker and a court case, it’s worth persevering to see the tests they do on natural and real soaps – it makes interesting watching.

Dr Bronner video

Dr Bronner’s Shower Gel (472ml) costs £6.45 and is available from Male-Organics in the UK or Drugstore.com worldwide. Oh and here’s another pic of the bottle for you…


14 thoughts on “Dr Bronner’s Shower Gel (Organic Peppermint Liquid Castile Soap) Product Review

  1. Thanks for this review. And you’re so right about the packaging. I’ve never bothered to look at this line of products at the health store because the packaging has put me off, I’ve always thought it looks too …hmm… serious? maybe. If that makes sense. And too much to read!

    I might actually stop and pick it up and attempt to read all the writing next time 🙂


  2. Hi Fran. The packaging is just bizarre, I can find something new on it every time I look at it. But if you look beyond that it’s a great product – who said looks are everything?!


  3. Hi Marilyn, sorry I missed some of the crazier stuff. There’s one bit where it tries to sell you a book for $1.50 on it somewhere. Mine even had a sticker on it telling me it was fair trade with even more rantings – aren’t I lucky?


  4. I was given the Vitamin E + Cirtrus Body Gel (from Made from Earth skincare line) and I love the CITRUS flavor that Made from Earth has in their collection. It is probably one of my favorites. It is lightly scented like organges and lemons – it is so relaxing and calming. For those who love citrus and fresh scents, try it, you’ll love it.

    I also love that it is organic and chemical free – safe so you dont have to worry about your health. I like to use it after exposure to the sun – the Vitamin E helps my skin heal and keep tans longers.


  5. Male-Organics should have sent you a loufa or one of the scrunchy things. You put just a little squirt on them and use far less than you ever used of any liquid soap. Dr. Bronner’s lathers really well.

    Their peppermint is tingly and I’ve heard the second most popular variety. Almond Oil is my favorite and a worker at Whole Foods told me the one they sell the most. You can use it for just about anything you use soap for including dishes and laundry – which makes it the perfect for replacing many chemical laden products with just one soap.

    It does not make the best shampoo and if you need a grease-cutting soap for dishes or counters or the like they make a very good cleaner they call Sal-Suds. It cleans even better than harsh all-purpose cleaners but is still good for your skin.


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