Picking Up What Your Dog Left Behind

California based Skooperbox apparently spent a couple of years trying to find a green way of dealing with dog mess.

Skooperboxes are small, pop-open boxes made from 100 percent recycled materials. Complete with lid and a scraper, each Skooperbox apparently makes it quick and tidy to clean up your dog’s mess. The boxes are available in two sizes (not sure if one is big enough for a horse though – if not they should think of that….) and are completely biodegradable in a “few days” (more realistically less than a month, but much much quicker than plastic bags!).

You can watch a video of it in action, fortunately the dog has already finished (unlike some other videos I found on YouTube whilst searching for this…):

Skooperbox’s founders explain: “We at Skooperbox are ordinary pet owners who were dissatisfied with the choices available to us to clean our pet waste. We also knew plenty of good people who did not pick up because of lack of a good product. Picking up the warm squishy mess is gross enough, but when the bag breaks or if you find a hole in the bag while you’re picking up, it can really ruin your walk.”

We’d be happy to hear your experiences of using it, or any other suggestions you have.

[Partly via: Springwise]


5 thoughts on “Picking Up What Your Dog Left Behind

  1. I wish I could get a load of these and give them to the selfish people who live near me and never clean up their dogs mess – I’m tired of trying to avoid it on the pavement!


  2. I agree with Chantal, there is nothing more annoying that people who dont pick up after their dogs. I am a proud dog owner myself and it takes little or no effort to clean up after her. My teenage son (who is perhaps a little embarrassed by this) has trained her to go in our own garden before he walks her. So either way other people do not have to suffer. So come on dog owners, dont give us a bad name!


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