If You’re Not Out For Valentine’s Day

It’s a repeat (sorry, “encore”) but Six Degrees Could Change The World from the National Geographic is airing tonight (Thursday) on, funnily enough, The National Geographic Channel at 8PM et / 9PM pt. They have a cracking website called Is This Our Future, if you get a chance take a look.

A trailer for the show is embedded below, followed by three brief clips to give you an idea of what it’s about. If you’re reading via RSS, you might have to come here to watch.


2 thoughts on “If You’re Not Out For Valentine’s Day

  1. I don’t get the National Geo channel, but it would be fun to watch for a good laugh. This stuff is absolute rubbish and we will all be looking back 10 to 15 years from now wondering how we could have been so foolish, that is, if we’re not in the middle of some other manufactured “crisis”.


  2. I can agree that these things are widly speculative – I guess that’s why it was called “Is This Our Future” and not “This Is Our Future”. There have been a lot of them recently, one about London flooding and so on, but frankly if we could guess the future we’d all be rich!


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