Heroes Episode Guide: Season 2 Chapter 7: Out Of Time

At last this is what we’ve been waiting for, a more normal episode of Heroes. When I say ‘normal’ I mean one full of intrigue, twists and action. I enjoyed this episode more than any other of the second season.

Maybe it has something to do with Peter going to the future, as I always seem to like those episodes. Or maybe it’s because of Peter. We learn lots about what’s been happening this episode, his storyline starts to tie up with the others. Did the Company make Peter forget and ship him off to Ireland? Why? And then there’s Peter getting back some of his memories – will he try and find his mother in the present or will he try and get back to the future to get Caitlin?

And then there’s the virus. Are Niki and the Company behind the cause of such mass infection and death we see when Peter goes to the future? And is Adam Monroe trying to stop it by killing the other originals? Actually I’ve a hundred questions about Adam which at least shows I’m interested and excited in Heroes again. Okay, so he was Kensei and wronged by Hiro but would he really have carried the grudge for 500 years? How does he know where to find Peter and leave him the note? Has Peter only got some memories back as surely he would remember er not remembering Adam? How come Adam hasn’t aged? If his only power is healing does that mean Claire will never age either? Or has Adam got other powers we don’t know about? Where was Adam locked up and how did he escape? Why does Matt’s dad do as he asks? Which includes making Niki go mad, leading to the release of the virus meaning Adam is the cause of the infection. So many questions, so few episodes left until the writer’s strike leaves us with nothing.

Then there’s Claire, West and her dad which became a little more interesting when West finds out about Mr Bennet, but as The Company seem to know where Claire is and (probably) knew what Mohinder was up to anyway, then does it really matter. And Mohinder seems to be very confused, is he Mr Bennet’s killer as the paintings seem to show or are they unconnected?

And finally as almost an aside to the story in Matt and Molly. Matt saves her and shows he has more powers than he thought. He may have overcome his dad but I’m sure that won’t be for long. Anyway what was nice was the Molly and Matt dynamic and the love between them. After Matt lost/left his pregnant wife he’s looked after Molly and the whole thing kept Heroes rooted to reality and helped the episode greatly.

I haven’t said this in a while, but bring on the next episode.


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