Joey Wallet From Bourgeois Boheme Product Review

What do you look for in a wallet? That it holds money right? But what about credit cards, loyalty cards, coins, pictures, stamps, receipts and biscuits? Well maybe not biscuits, but for a man a wallet almost needs to hold as much as a purse, but in a smaller package.

True, I know men who just carry notes and coins in their pocket, or have a separate wallet for notes they carry in their jacket. But I like something that can hold everything – including coins. So when Bourgeois Boheme offered me the choice of a wallet there were a few that seemed to meet my standards and I opted for the Joey Wallet.


I should have looked at the pictures a bit closer as I expected the zip to be on one of the sides for my coins, rather than all the way along the back. But that’s my fault in choosing it. As I write this I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks so it has loosened up a bit but I initially found the wallet quite stiff.

Made from canvas, faux leather and tweed, the Joey has plenty of compartments to keep cards, notes and has a photo section too. The card holder bits are engineered to perfection as there’s hardly a millimetre spare to slide a card in. It has loosened up since then – my cards get plenty of use!

I love the look and feel of the wallet, I do wish it had something to hold to closed though. Maybe it’s because it’s pretty new, but I found the wallet stays half open most of the time, perhaps I need to sit on it a bit. Or perhaps it’s to do with the zip. It goes along the entire wallet which is nice as you can fit a lot of stuff in there. However, it just stop the wallet from lying open flat and when you’re in a rush it can be tricky to quickly find the right coin, but I’m finding it a novel experience at the moment.


Bourgeois Boheme has a whole range of wallets, and if this example is anything to go by, the quality of the range is impressive.

Another thing to note is the packaging it comes in. Some products I test may be environmentally friendly themselves but the packaging isn’t always, and while this was wrapped in a cardboard box and some tissue paper, the envelope it was sent in seemed to be reused as a sticker is placed over the window on the enveloped saying it’s especially for me – ahhhh.

The Joey costs £25 and is available from Bourgeois Boheme.


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