Fairtrade Fortnight

Fairtrade Fortnight starts on 25th Feb and lasts until the 9th March this year. One company, Cafédirect, is launching a new rich full-bodied coffee from the very best Costa Rican coffee beans, called Special Selection Costa Rica – a premium, 100% Fairtrade, instant coffee.

I’m, not a coffee drinker, but chances are a lot of you are. Apparently Special Selection is a new seasonal line in instant coffee that follows the different coffee harvests around the world, capturing the beans at their prime. Once Special Selection coffee beans are picked, “they are carefully hand selected by Cafédirect’s growers to create a coffee that is both unique in character and taste”.

Cafédirect is a company we’ve mentioned many times, firstly I used to work by their offices, but more importantly they pay fair prices for its crops, so you can rest assured that while you enjoy your cuppa, you also contribute to improving the quality of life for growers in developing countries. In addition Cafédirect reinvests its profits into tailor-made training and development programmes, working directly with its growers to develop their expertise.

You can pick up a 100g jar of Special Selection Costa Rica from Oxfam stores in the UK, for around £3.25.


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