Heroes Episode Guide – Season 2 Chapter 8: Four Months Ago…

Probably the best episode of the series so far. I always enjoy these sorts of ones – catching up with what’s happening in the intervening months or going into the future. And lots of things are revealed to us through Peter repairing his memory. Firstly the relationship between Peter and Adam isn’t made up. We learn more about the Company, Elle and Bob and what’s been going on since Peter exploded and why Nathan is looking good again. Although Nathan in the present day has been conspicuously absent for some reason.

And then there’s Niki and DL. We find out what happened to DL and why Niki turns to the Company for help. I still don’t know why DL couldn’t have let that bullet go through him but I suppose the death adds poignancy.

And it’s nice to get a bit of background on the twins, while it doesn’t really change things, we learn about their story. And it’s nice to see Sylar again – I’d almost forgotten about him!

While most of the episode is set in the past, Matt Parkman’s story is in the present. He’s still trying to find out what is happening to everyone and uses his developing powers to get his own way. Whether that will lead to further corruption like his father is anyone’s guess. We still don’t know what Angela’s power is but she seems to be able to resist Matt is some small way, not revealing who the woman in the photo is and does she do anything to Heidi? It’s hard to tell.

An enjoyable episode that reveals quite a lot but as usual gives more questions than answers – is Adam actually a good guy who wants to save the world?


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