Marks And Spencer To Charge For Plastic Bags

A quick piece of news for you, the UK’s Marks & Spencer store is to charge for plastic bags beginning May 6th. Until then they are giving out free longer lasting bags. M&S have been heavily criticised for the amount of packaging their food has, and are apparently working on this too. Will this lead to an increase in the sales of dustbin liners?

Much more information can be found on the BBC.


5 thoughts on “Marks And Spencer To Charge For Plastic Bags

  1. Hmmmm…and in so doing will exempt these items from their Packaging Waste obligations as they become ‘goods’.

    Plan A? NOT IMPRESSED AT ALL!!!!!!


  2. Experience suggests that making people pay for plastic bags massively reduces usage. I agree stopping providing them completely would be even better, but one step at a time seems to be the plan.


  3. If I had my way you would have 3 choices, bring your own bags, buy a green tote or carry the stuff. Larger companies could start a trend by not giving out free bags and in the process they would save a bundle of money! Walmart and Target types of stores could all agree to do in on the same day and upset customers would be forced into the concept.


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