Ganesha To Open New Store In Covent Garden

Ganesha, the friend of Life Goggles and ethical shop on London’s South Bank since 1995, is opening a new shop just off the iconic Covent Garden piazza.

Ganesha sources its products from talented, marginalised producers in India, Bangladesh and beyond.

Jo Lawbuary, co-founder, says: “We aim to expand on our success on the Southbank and bring a quality selection of home and personal accessories to a wider London audience. In short, we are delighted at the prospect of taking our fair trade thing ‘out there’.”


The shop opens its doors on March 7, just in time to celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight and will launch with a party in shop in the evening. And Life Goggles will be there. To get an idea of what they sell, visit the website or take a look at Life Goggles’ review of their Paisley Jute Shopper.


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