Heroes Episode Guide – Season 2 Chapter 9: Cautionary Tales

After the last episode I thought this was going to be a quieter affair, but nope, more happened than ever. The two stories were on Hiro’s quest to save his father and Mr Bennet’s quest to save his daughter. Hiro’s story is quite nice – who wouldn’t want to save his father? But when he realises his father doesn’t want to be saved, then the journey is all about learning why. And discovering who killed his father – must have been a bit of a shock!

But the main happenings in this episode are all about Claire. Since Adam’s escape, she’s become even more important as we now know her blood can heal others and if she heals enough times she becomes immortal. The discovery of her, her father and West becomes the focal point with Mohinder’s wavering loyalty finally deciding the outcome. Does he not know he’s going to unleash a virus which ravages New York? Peter needs to have a work.

There are some little things which may become important – West and Mr Bennet working together and the seeds of doubt that Mr Bennet plants in Elle – she may be a psycho but she now knows who’s fault it is.

I didn’t actually think Mohinder would shoot Mr Bennet but when he did I knew he wouldn’t be er dead dead. but who saved him – was it the Company with Claire’s blood or maybe it was Peter and Adam starting to save the world? I hope so but it’s probably the Company – but why would they resurrect him? I hope we find out next episode.


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