Bourgeois Boheme Launch New Ethical Shoe Range

Bourgeois Boheme, have launched their first range of animal-friendly and stylish footwear. Called Jiva and Esperituel, the BB-branded shoe ranges are for men and women.


Handmade and ethically produced in Portugal and India, the range is made of microfibre, the highest quality and most eco-friendly leather alternative, and is 100% animal-friendly. Even the glue used is water-based.

Alicia Lai, founder of the London-based company said: “We saw there was a gap in the market for footwear that is not only animal-friendly but also stylish and affordable. It’s something we’ve looked for without success for years, so we finally made our own.

“We created Jiva and Espiritual to spread the message of ‘fashion with compassion’ to the mainstream market so that not only vegetarians and vegans, but all fashionistas will start making consumer choices that are kinder to the wider environment and support small ethical businesses like our own.”

lalitablack.jpg libertoblack.jpg

There’s a small range of shoes at the moment, but what’s impressive is that each of the designers and factories has been handpicked for their ethical work conditions and kinder-to-life sensibilities – it’s not often you they know exactly how your shoes have been made.

‘Footwear for the ethically conscious’ is embossed on the sole of each shoe.


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