Real Deal Recycled Tarp Hat Eco Product Review

It’s not often I get wolf-whistled in the street, at least not by a group of school girls, but that’s exactly what happened when I wore the Real Deal tarp hat they kindly sent me. You can probably see why from the photo….

The Real Deal tarp hat

The hat that is made in Brazil out of recycled canvas tarpaulins from cargo trucks used for transporting goods. Inside the hat it tells me that most likely the fabric has traveled from the Amazon to Sao Paulo and back. It looks like it too, pretty filthy, but in a cool, rugged way.

I like the fact it’s making use of recycled tarp. The package came flat, so saved waste on delivery packaging. The hat is tough, so just popped into shape.

Every hat is truly one of a kind as obviously no two tarps are the same. You can even individualise it when ordering, stating whether you mind holes, frayed edges, or want patches or even Portuguese writing. I’m not a big hat wearer, but actually think it’s kinda cool. Maybe I’ll stick to wearing it out in the back garden though šŸ™‚ The website’s good too, take a look at The Real Deal, they’re $29 plus $8 for shipping and handling in the US only at the moment.

The Real Deal tarp hat

8 thoughts on “Real Deal Recycled Tarp Hat Eco Product Review

  1. Seriously, girls whistled at you while you were wearing this hat? The web site for this company cracks me up, because a major segment of the “actual wearer photos” in their picture gallery is comprised of cute college-age girls in party mode. When my hat arrived — yes, I couldn’t resist the siren call of… well, of the cute collegiate sirens, I guess — I dropped the company a quick line thanking them for the prompt shipping (one week) and noting that I hoped it would lead me to a lifestyle in keeping with the pictures on the site! šŸ˜‰

    I have yet to wear the hat in public — but now I have an incentive to do so! I mean… charm the girls by wearing a beat-up canvas hat? You’re suggesting it really works! Ah, if only I’d known this simple secret years ago!


  2. Purchased your hat last week in Winter Park (Orlando), FL for my husband, who loved it. As he works outdoors most of the time as an archaeologist, the width of brim is a real attraction, and of course he loved the story behind it. When he tried it on for the first time, he noted the lack of chin strap and said that he would have to watch it if it got windy. The next day (you can probably see where this is going…), we had a huge wind storm (snow in May!), and he wore it outside. One pouff and the hat is in the river that rolls next to our property where upon it sank immediately. Due to the temperature of the water and the fast current, my husband bid adieu to my gift.
    PLEASE attach a chin strap!


  3. Hey great review, but I don’t see anywhere you can specify where you can “individualize it when ordering, stating whether you mind holes, frayed edges, or want patches or even Portuguese writing?” I would like to ask for no Portuguese writing, and I see no place to specify. Thanks!


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