A Cheap Electric Sports Car?

Well, not exactly cheap, but it’s not $100,000 like the Tesla Roadster. Wired reports that the electric ZAP Alias will retail for around $30,000 in mid-2009.

ZAP Alias

What may not be immediately obvious is that it has three wheels. Unlike the famous Robin Reliant, the single wheel is at the back, and not the front. A projected range of 100 miles is promised with a top speed of 120mph. 2009 looks a little ambitious looking at the video – which is a computer model.

[Via: Wired]


One thought on “A Cheap Electric Sports Car?

  1. Its going to be great when these technologies become more widely available. EVs have sure come a long way. Zap also has one like the Tesla, 0-60 mph in 4.8 seconds!


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