Heroes Episode Guide – Season 2 Chapter 10: Truth & Consequences

Another great episode, marred only by Peter being very gullible. Why doesn’t he click that Adam is a bad guy when he unties Victoria? Actually why does she go for the gun as she’s already shot them both and they survived. Maybe she was going for a head shot this time.

Anyway their storyline is quite exciting, unlike Micah, Niki and Monica. No sure what’s been going on there but it’s pretty tedious stuff but maybe it’ll get more exciting now Monica’s been captured – will Niki turn to her bad self to rescue her?

It’s all a bit sad with Claire and the ‘death’ of her dad but is her plan to reveal everything going to get anywhere really? I doubt it. And nice to see Sylar getting some screen time even if he does kill Alejandro. Maya’s a bit like Peter – too trusting.

And Hiro has a bit of a return to form with his time-travelling ways, the flashback to his father (will he be in mooted Heroes: Origins?) was nice and the final confrontation with Peter had me wondering why people don’t just talk a bit more and work out what’s going on?

The next episode is the last for the moment, with the writer’s strike still happening as I write this it may be like a season finale, we shall see…


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