Fun Green Roundup #9

Scoop it up
Welcome to another Fun Green Roundup and to start I make no apologies featuring a story from Life Goggles about the Skooperbox. If you missed it first time, click on the link and enjoy the video showing you what to do with what your dog left behind. It’s worth it though, honest, even just for the founder’s quote at the end. (By the way, did you try to click on the image above thinking it was a video? I did and I put it there. Go through to the original article to watch it)


It’s a wind up surely?
Well if you get wind up torches and wind up radios, why not a wind up lamp? I saw this on a few sites and was struck not only by how cool it looks, but by how simple an idea it is. It’ll take you a minute to wind it, but then it’s free light – hooray! Probably not practical for all lights, but for a few around the house it’s a good idea.

Offset your guilt
Cheat Neutral is a fun concept that you can offset your guilt of cheating on your partner by paying someone to remain faithful. To be honest, it sounds nonsense so I didn’t look into it too closely but seemingly you can get paid for staying faithful, Which is not a reason to stay faithful, but if you’re faithful anyway you might as well get paid for it. Just don’t tell the missus.

Live in billboard
I haven’t really got much to say about this one, but I saw it on TreeHugger and immediately thought it was an interesting idea, then a millisecond later thought it was pretty stupid. I mean, how do you get the shopping up there? Or the dog? And the postman’s not going to want to visit is he? And billboards are usually situated where lots of people are going to see them – namely next to major roads – so a good night’s sleep is out of the question then.

Vegan strip club
And finally, feel ethical about your strippers? Make your next late night trip to a vegan strip club, you’ll feel even better about yourself.

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