California Shows It’s Solar Hot Spots

Issac from Cooler Planet dropped me a line to tell me about a new map they created that depicts the concentration of solar installations (both number of systems as well as the total watts) in California, USA.

It charts the growth of solar power over the last few years, only for California, but it’s quite interesting. In 2002, only 1,675 grid connected photovoltaic installations were registered with the California Energy Commission. Now in 2008 there are 29,628 installations recorded, which is a 17 times increase in just 6 years! In the last 3 years alone total installations have more than doubled.

Cooler Planet Solar Map

Take a look at the map here.


One thought on “California Shows It’s Solar Hot Spots

  1. Hello Joel-
    Thanks for your post regarding our solar heat map. Let us know if you have any suggestions on future solar maps you’d like to see. We’re always up for ideas!


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