Ecover Washing Up Liquid with Lemon and Aloe Vera Eco Product Review

As you can probably tell, I’m a fan of Ecover, which initially seems mainly down to lack of other options. But, for the washing up liquid at least, I’m a fan of it because it’s really good.

From an environmental standpoint, the product stands up well. It’s completely biodegradable, has a minimal impact of aquatic life (whatever that means, the best I can say is that it’s better than other products) and is suitable for septic tanks.

The one worrying aspect is the bottle. While the bottle itself is made of polyethylene and the cap of polypropylene, meaning they’re 100% recycable, they are only if the facility exists near you. It would be better if an alternative could be found but one good thing about Ecover is that you can buy refills so you only need to buy it once. Although the refill bottle is again made of the same stuff, it is huge and you can actually get those refilled from a ‘filling station’ so you only need one of them too.


So its environmental credentials are pretty good, but how does it do the dishes? Very well in fact. I initially thought I’d need to use a lot more of it to create more bubbles but there is a decent amount, and even without it seems to clean just a well. Of course the test always comes on grease, and again it performs really well. I found no problems with it and even ground on food came off fine after a little soaking.

To be honest, I can’t say it was better than well known brands, but it’s just as good.

Thanks to the Ecover website there’s a complete ingredients list too:

The list below displays ingredients in descending order, with those present in highest quantities first.
Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate
Alkyl Poly Glycoside C10-16
Sodium Chloride
Citric Acid
Protein Hydrolysate
Aloe Barbadensis Extract

It’s now stocked in most supermarkets or you can buy it easily online, such as from


6 thoughts on “Ecover Washing Up Liquid with Lemon and Aloe Vera Eco Product Review

  1. Hi Adam
    I think your review is really great and helpful. I have been using Ecover for a while now and love the washing up liquid. I used to get really dry hands from conventional products but no longer have to worry about it.
    However, there are other, better products on the market now and I am really tempted to ditch Ecover and go for Earth Friendly, plant-based cleaning products instead. You can check out our Earth Friendly range on our site The products contain no Sodium Laurel Sulphate or other nasty stuff. Instead, they are packed full of lovely essential oils, are 100% natural and rank above other green products.


  2. Some of the obvious is right in front of our faces and we have yet to realize it. PACKAGING!!!!! I have never seen so much packaging on products. I would say that on some of the packaging cost’s more that the product. This is the producer/wholesaler/retailer trying to justify the cost of the product. Nicely wrapped items sell better than the plain Jane. Store’s like Safeway & SuperStore with their No Name brands. No frills, but even they are packaged to much when arriving at the store. Better ways of packaging have to be sort as well as the product itself being green.


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