Flip And Tumble Reusable Bag Eco Product Review

Reusable shopping bags are a bit tricky to review. They’re usually bag shaped and can carry stuff. However some of them have neat features.

The Flip and Tumble reusable bag can be scrunched up into a ball and contained within itself in seconds. It is made from lightweight ripstop nylon (and the pouch from, er, stretchy stuff), can carry about 25 lbs and is approximately 12″x14″x5″ in size (3″ when packed). It also comes with a “padded shoulder strap” that actually isn’t padded, just a piece of material that does little to feel any better than the plain material. That’s only a minor complaint though, it’s the storage feature is the most impressive one, so rather than talk about it I’ve made a short video. Enjoy.

The bags are $12 and available from Flip and Tumble.


10 thoughts on “Flip And Tumble Reusable Bag Eco Product Review

  1. Hi

    The flip and tumble reusable bags look really good. I have just bought an ecocarrierbag from http://www.ecocarrierbag.co.uk. They are similar in that they pack down into a small attached pouch so I don’t forget it when I go shopping. They are really strong and hold a lot of shopping. Also it is helping me cut down on my use of plastic carrier bags so I’m doing my bit for the environment!


  2. ACME bags workhorse style bags are just a little larger that this bag and a few dollars cheaper. Resusablebags.com sells the ACME bags along wih some other really great bags that pack up into small packages. I recently purchased the Reisenthel – Foldable Trolley bag to use when I go to the farmer’s market. It’s a wheeled bag that folds up to just a bit larger than a sheet of paper.


  3. Over in the UK, we have the Onya Bag; which is basically the same thing.


    These are wonderful as although I have the best of intentions of ditching the carrier bag, I often get to the shop and realised I’ve left my bags at home.

    These Onya bags have a carabiner (?sp) clip to attach to your clothes / bag / purse / keyring, so you always have it Onya (geddit?)

    They do a back pack style too; which ideal for school kids.

    Mrs G x


  4. The Flip & Tumble 24/7 bag is great for conventions and conferences (it was carried around at Readercon 2008). It packs up to the size of a deck of cards, fits in a jacket pocket, and is strong enough to carry bunches of books, papers, pens, and other con detritus. It is very useful.


  5. Hi This is Eric here. Its been good experience sharing the idea on reusable bag. I also belive is using green product, taking small iniative to make this world greener and safer place.


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