Eco-Me Home Cleaning Kit Eco Product Review

Eco-Me is a company that provides 100% natural eco kits. I call them “starter kits” as they’re an easy way to get started using more environmentally products. In fact, you mix these yourself so you know exactly what has gone into them.

They currently have five kits, Home, Body, Baby, Dog and Cat kits. Not owning a dog or cat (or baby for that matter), it was the Home kit that I was sent for review.

Eco-Me Home kit

Containing two empty reusable plastic bottles, a reusable tub, a microfiber cleaning cloth, natural fiber scrub brush and a small bottle of Home Blend essential oil, the large box bag it comes in was pleasantly light. The two bottles are for “All Purpose Spray Cleaner” and “Wood Polish Spray Cleaner” with the tub being for “Home Scrub Cleaner”. Each one has really simple instructions on the side and a measurement guide. For example, pour white vinegar up to this mark on the label, water up to this mark, and then 1 unit of essential oil.

The essential oil is there to cover the smell of the other household ingredients. It’s a mix of Tea Tree, Lavender, Rosemary and Lemongrass and only a few drops are usually needed. Creating the cleaning products was so easy it was almost untrue. Surely these can’t be as good as all those weird chemicals?! Creating the scrub cleaner was actually fun, the initial pour of baking soda into the vinegar and water mix, and resultant foaming expansion reminded me of several school chemistry experiments that went awry. This was fine though :). The wood cleaner includes the addition of olive oil, which makes for a nice addition to the experiments.

So, how well did they work?

Eco-Me Home kit

Well the all purpose cleaner works perfectly fine, though the vinegar smell isn’t the best in the world. I am the first to say that “clean” has no smell (certainly not pine), but vinegar is not my first choice of smell for the bathroom. This isn’t malt vinegar, else I would have been delighted my bathroom smelt like fish and chips (pass the ketchup), no this is white vinegar. Another half unit of the essential oils did the trick and it was now nice and naturally scented. Cleaning wise, the vinegar cleans, deodorizes and kills bacteria, so no need for anything else except the water to dilute it and the oil to scent it. In the scrub, the baking soda did all I needed it to, i.e. clean, so again it seems a great alternative.

By using natural, chemical-free and non-toxic ingredients I certainly felt better about the cleaning. As mentioned Eco-Me provides plenty of kits and ranging from $26 to $36 they’re not expensive. Refill kits are cheap (for the oil, cloths etc) so one kit will last you a long time. Coupled with the fact they can be made up with what’s in your kitchen cupboard, it will be a long time before you feel the need to buy any cleaning products at the grocery store. Their website also has some great eco tips, so take a look.

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13 thoughts on “Eco-Me Home Cleaning Kit Eco Product Review

  1. Did you use the essential oil blend when mixing the products as listed in the instructions on the containers? The essential oil blend is pure plant oil concentrate of Tea Tree, Lavender, Rosemary & Lemongrass. It is the “secret sauce” ingredient that gives the products an added cleaning boost and beautiful natural aroma. Your house smells like a spa, not vinegar, when the products are mixed following instructions with the essential oil blend. Try mixing up a fresh batch with the essential oils, you will be happily surprised that there is no vinegar smell.


  2. Hi Robin. Yes I did, as I mentioned I just had to use more than was suggested to get a nice smell. Perhaps I didn’t measure the one unit out right, or the vinegar I used was particularly strong! Good stuff though, especially the scrub cleaner, got some real tough marks off an old sink.


  3. Hi Joel,

    Thanks for your review. We are starting to use more environmentally friendly products in our house. We are also starting to use essential oils and are enjoying the benefits of them.

    Thanks again for your review!


  4. Layla – you should do it! The products work just as well as all those weird chemicals, plus I think there’s a big/growing consumer demand for eco cleaning products. Especially to those with children who realise exposing those chemicals isn’t the greatest thing to be doing around the kids.


  5. I enjoyed the review. Thank you very much. As my family and I move to more friendly products, both for the environment and for our health, its good to get a good review. I’m glad to see essential oils are part of this eco kit. We love using essential oils in our lives.

    Thanks again.


  6. I think people need to be better educated on the green available cleaning options. I will definitely give this product a try and see how it works .. i’m always on the lookout for new green products to try.


  7. As an operator of an Atlanta based maid services that specializes in green cleaning, we are always on the lookout for green, non-toxic or environmentally safe products. We use most of the products you described in your kit and they work extremely well. In addition, a steam cleaner helps.


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