Beyond Organic Weekender Pack Eco Product Review

We’ve tested quite a few products for men on Life Goggles, so it’s about time we did some for women. Beyond Organic Skin Care is a family company based in England – the wonderfully-titled Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall to be exact. It offers a unique range of omega and vitamin rich skin care products and sent us their Trial/Weekender package to rejuvenate tired skin after a hard week’s work. Not my skin though, I passed it on to my girlfriend.

Before we get to the products, a bit more background: 90% of the ingredients of their skincare products are sourced from the West Country in the UK and all their ingredients are certified organic by the Biodynamic Agricultural Association (BDAA).

The kit included 7ml of Moisturising Day Cream, 7ml of Regenerating Night Cream, 10ml of Rejuvenating Serum and 7ml of Rescue Salve. I gave them to my girlfriend to test so let’s go through them one by one.


Rescue Salve
“This was great – I think! Could have been a coincidence or have a placebo effect but it seemed like a little pot of loveliness. This seems to have calmed spots, red patches, dry and sore skin and shaving rash so it’s definitely got something about it! It’s a bit more expensive than the others if you buy it separately but only a little is needed at a time so would last a while.”

Rescue Salve features Calendula and Propolis, along with soothing chamomile in a rich oil base containing Sea Buckthorn is perfect for aiding skin irritations, eczema and psoriasis.

Moisturising Day Cream
“This is light and clean smelling – very different to any scent I’ve smelt really so hard to describe. The texture is also unusual, almost watery but applies well. It rubs in nicely and leaves skin feeling cool and fresh which is nice. At times I did find it a bit oily but I have normal to oily skin and it does say it’s for good to dry and mature skin – could be perfect for someone else.”

Moisturising Day Cream contains Rosehip and Almond oil, containing protein minerals, fatty acids and vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E, creating a soothing and revitalising cream that can be used under make up.

Regenerating Night Cream“Unlike the day cream, this has a very pungent smell! Out of a very, very small survey of four, all of us found it not a particularly nice smell. It’s certainly not horrible but I’d guess it has the ‘Marmite effect’.

“Love it or hate it though, it does feel thick and fresh on the skin. Heavier and oilier than the day cream (as intended), it too rubs in well and actually the smell fades soonish, which is good for me.

“Although I haven’t noticed any wrinkle reducing or skin rebuilding, something about the cream did make me feel like it was feeding my skin as I slept. Maybe using it over a longer period of time or someone a bit older would visibly notice the difference.”

Regenerating Night Cream contains Cocoa and Mallow, mixed with Rosehip, Sea Buckthorn and Macademia to create an extremely rich cream with superb ability to penetrate, rebuild and replenish tired skin.

Rejuvenating Serum
“This was a bit difficult to get out of the mini bottle, not enough to put me off using it, but it really was hard and the ‘lid-valve’ needs reviewing. An interesting product with a light, pleasant scent. I don’t use a face/oil serum usually so this was a first for me.

“I did find it very oily but this would suit someone else who likes that feeling on their skin. It soaks in fairly quickly and I didn’t find any unsightly marks on the pillow afterwards. I found it moisturising but not really regenerating as it says but that may come with more prolonged use.”

Rejuvenating Serum is a highly concentrated serum comprised of Beyond Organic Skin Care’s signature ingredient Sea Buckthorn (an exceptional oil renowned in the Far East for its skin cell regeneration and anti-ageing properties) and Rosehip, which is also known for its ability to replenish and rebuild skin tissue.

“The whole range is attractively packaged and presented, although I’m not sure of the environmental credentials of the glass containers. I like the idea that this is organic and the fact it’s around the same price as similar non-organic items I would recommend this and encourage consumers to buy it. I would like a little more information on how they’re organic and I think that would encourage others too.

The Trial/Weekender range is priced at £20.40 or one item for £6.00.

And finally as I bang on about packaging quite often, I just wanted to point out that although the cardboard and glass didn’t seem to be recycled, the bubble envelope was quite nifty and could easily be reused and also taken apart to recycle the paper and reuse the bubblewrap separately.



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