Bulldog Natural Grooming Post Shave Balm Eco Product Review

We’ve looked at a few products from Bulldog Natural Grooming and have quite liked them, I’m still enjoying the moisturiser for example but as I don’t shave very over, I gave the shave balm to a friend who did the honours and tested it thoroughly for Life Goggles.

However, he had never used one before (I suspect he may have thought it’s not a manly activity, but as the back of the bottle says, it’s about time he started) so he doesn’t have much to compare it to.

But he did quite like it. Although the smell may have reminded him of his gran’s bathroom (“which is no bad thing” he says. “It’s very pleasant”) and he went a bit overboard and used too much first time, I think he’s a convert.
Once the shave is finished, he washed his face and then applied the balm. He was pleasantly surprised at how well it soaked into the skin and found it refreshing and soothing, but there was no tingle to the skin. And he felt there was a marked difference between him using a balm and not using one, he felt fresher a soothed.

Although he doesn’t suffer much irritation he thought it would help too.

Bulldog has a list of its ingredients on www.meetthebulldog.com which does a great job of explaining what’s in it so you can make up your own mind whether you’re happy to use the product or not.


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