Beyond Organic Firming Eye Cream Eco Product Review

Beyond Organic Skincare kindly sent Life Goggles a few of their products to test, including their Weekender pack and Sensual Massage Gift Pack. The Firming Eye Cream costs is part of the massage pack which is £29.92 or can be bought separately for £6.20.

As I don’t have much experience in eye creams, I gave the 7ml pot to Claire (who, as it turns out, doesn’t really either) and she dutifully tested it out for us. After a couple of weeks I asked her how she found it:


Do you use a different eye cream normally?
No I’ve never really used an eye cream before because I’ve never really noticed bags under my eyes. I’ve never really bothered with lots of fancy beauty products, just basic facial moisturiser.

How does this compare to that one or nothing at all?
I was quite pleased with the results. It made my eyes look more awake after a late night, I get ‘tired eyes’ really easily so I found there was a noticeable difference when I compared it to my eyes with no product. It brightened the skin around my eyes and helped to ‘open them up’.

It says it has a ‘gentle firming action with eyebright to reduce puffiness around the eyes and to both sooth and moisturise the delicate skin around the eyes’ – does it?
It did reduce the puffiness of tired my eyes. The skin around my eyes feels firmer and hydrated and the small lines I’ve noticed under my eyes are less visible. I do tend to get dark circles on the inside corners of my eyes. The cream didn’t really do anything for that. But by applying the cream and a bit of make up to the dark bits, my eyes and the skin around them appeared brighter and open and well rested. (Wow, I swear I didn’t just take all that from an ad)

Did it rub in easily?
Yeah rubbed in really easily, just a few dabs with my ring finger and it left a nice shimmer to the skin. A really light cream.

How was the smell?
No overpowering smell, only when you put your nose up to the tub do you really smell anything. I may have noticed it the first couple of times I used it, but now I really can’t remember the smell.

How long would a tub last?
I’d say maybe three to five months. You only need a dab about the size of a grain of rice for each eye.

It’s organic – does that make you more likely to use it?
Ordinarily when I’m buying beauty products I don’t factor in whether or not products are organic. I usually go for brands that I recognise and have used before and I trust. I’ve never really believed that organic products would be very effective, but I was really pleased with the results of these products.

In keeping with all of the Beyond Organic Skincare range, the Firming Eye Cream is all natural, totally organic, free from parabens, petrochemicals, GM materials and all artificial colours and fragrances and certified fully organic by the Biodynamic Agricultural Association (BDAA).


5 thoughts on “Beyond Organic Firming Eye Cream Eco Product Review

  1. Hey everyone,

    Another great ORGANIC skin care line that is certified is MADE FROM EARTH. I have been using their products for the last 6 months – and now stopped. . . Because my skin has naturally improved itself using its organic ingredients.

    I have seen a real decline in the amount of wrinkles on the side of my eyes. I would recommend the “VITAMIN ENHANCED FACE FIRMING SERUM”. This is the anti wrinkle serum I only used for 6 months and now stopped because it naturally has improved my owns skins ability to heal itsefl and become much firmer. This is because it uses the organic compound DMAE and is infused with REAL vitamins….not synthetic vitamins…

    As a body lotion, I use the HONEY HONEY lotion. It smells like honey and my husband likes it. I recommend you buy from their website….because at Whole Foods they are usually sold at full price….but the website now has a sale going on…


  2. This is my first comment here , so I hope I do it — and get it — right. I wanted to start with something simple, like a health and beauty aid, and I saw my wife putting the Made from Earth – Vitamin Enhanced Moisturizer on her face this morning (as she’s done very morning for the past 20 years of our married life) and I asked her why she uses it and is so dedicated to this one particular product. She scowled a bit at me and asked, “Can’t you see why?”

    Point taken.

    She looks beautiful and as young as when we first met (Yes, she’s looking over my shoulder as I write this. Ow!)

    But seriously, she is well on her way to 50 and (Ow!) looks fantastic. Her face is soft and nearly wrinkle-free, and many women underestimate her age which, of course, she loves.

    Whatever materials are contained in it, she has obviously benefitted. But even if she hadn’t been using it, and became wrinkled (Ow!) and hard (Umf!) and aged in appearance (Yow!), I would still love her (Awww!).

    Mark Shekens
    (Still happily married)


  3. I used the Made from Earth “Vitamin Enhanced Face Firming Serum” for more than 3 weeks before I decided I liked it.

    Initially I thought it was too light – but i liked the light scent. It reminds me off lemons. But I decided to stick with it and see what I thought after a month.

    Now I love it. It’s light and has that whipped texture. It absorbs quickly and my skin is super soft. My makeup is going on smoothly and I even have rosey cheeks which I have never had. I haven’t changed anything but my moisturizer so I will attribute the positive results to this product. I like that I can use a moisturizer over it without it clinging to the moisture.

    I would recommend the Face Firming Serum. Like any other I think you need to use the entire product to really see results.


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