Fun Green Roundup #11

The previous Fun Green Roundups can be found here, but on with the show…

Carrying on from last time
Following last time’s iron on stickers for stains, which had a tenuous environmental link, I had to link to designer Shay Alkalay’s partner’s creations. Yael Mer’s Evacuation Skirt is brilliant. Mad, but brilliant. And the Slipper Rocker is even crazier, I love them both.

Sunny dress
And while we’re on the subject on dresses, Groovy Green has a story and pics of a solar powered dress. Michael d’Estries does point out a valid issue though – what happens when it rains? Funnily enough he answered that question a week later with the solar powered umbrella. That’s that sorted then.

Meet the Flintstones
I’m all for eco-friendly transport and I think I may have just found the preferred method of travel of me. EcoFriend has a great story on these mad wooden bikes pictured below, The Cordilleras of the northern highlands of the Philippines use these as their daily transport. Not sure how they get back up the hills though…


And finally
In the traditions of local news reports, a light-hearted look at the funny side of animal life. A baby hippo who’s friends with a tortoise. Ahhhhh. Friends or maybe an adoption, who knows, but it’s a nice story in Kenya and there are a lot more photos here. Hope the tortoise knows the hippo is growing to grow. A lot.


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