Ecover Non Biological Integrated Washing Powder Eco Product Review

Ecover Non Biological Integrated Washing Powder. Washing powder is washing powder right? Well no it’s not. I’ve reviewed Simply Sensitive non bio before and loved it and also soapnuts as well as using many unenvironmentally friendly products in the past. And found the all to be slightly different. Nowadays I don’t buy whatever’s on offer and go for an eco choice.


Ecover non bio comes in a 97% recycled cardboard box and a little cardboard scoop to measure out your powder. Nice idea, but not sure you need one in every box. The main selling point, apart from the natural ingredients and natural fragrance, is the fact it has no optical brighteners.

Optical brighteners are in most washing powders and liquids. They are chemicals which reflect light, making clothes look brighter than they really are. It’s said that optical brighteners make an irreversible chemical bond with the skin and exposure is more or less permanent as we are always in contact with some kind of material.

They also claim to use some pioneering ingredients, which is more easily explained by them than me:

Almost all cleaning products are based on surfactants. They work by lowering the surface tension of water to allow dirt to be removed more easily. Conventional cleaning products tend to be based on petrochemical surfactants which are derived from finite oil supplies and are often poorly degradable and toxic to aquatic life. At Ecover we have always favoured plant-based surfactants, which are renewable, have minimal aquatic toxicity and also biodegrade quickly and completely.

Our new laundry formulations contain a pioneering new surfactant that has an even lower aquatic toxicity to the surfactant we were using previously. The surfactant is based on rapeseed oil (non GMO) that is grown in continental Europe and as a result means that we have been able to reduce the distance ingredients are transported.

So there we go. A complete ingredients list is at the end of the article, but what you want to know is whether it works or not. And it does. I don’t often get incredibly dirty but am sometimes muddy, sometimes careless with a curry or tomato ketchup so can test whether those stains come out and mostly they do. I found it effective at doing the wash I want to do – whether it be a colour, white or delicate one. Coupled with the Ecover Fabric Softener it proved up to the challenges I set it.

Look at for more details. It also has a list of stockists but Ecover products can be found in most supermarkets.

Complete ingredients list:
Sodium Disilicate
Sodium Carbonate Peroxide
Sodium C12-18 Alkylsulfate
Sodium Bicarbonate
Sodium Sulfate
Ethoxylated Rapeseed Methyl Esters
Sodium Citrate
Tetra Acetyl Ethylene Diamine (TAED)
Sodium Cocoate
Sodium Poly Asparaginate
Magnesium Sulfate
Cellulose Gum


6 thoughts on “Ecover Non Biological Integrated Washing Powder Eco Product Review

  1. EW ! I did not know about optical brighteners … quite disturbing. I have not used regular detergants in my clothes in about 7 years, and am super glad of it after reading that ! I just hand wash everything in warm water and hang dry 🙂


  2. Wow..this is enough to turn me off of normal detergents.

    Have you heard about Global Response? It’s a non-profit org that carries out campaigns to protect environmentally valuable places around the world at the request of indigenous people. Their website is if you’d like to take a look.


  3. Well I tried i ecover washing powder in the 1980s and it didnt clean well then, and i have to say the lastest is a bit better, but my work clothes get very dirty and it doesnt clean them any near aswell as normal detergent powders, sorry chaps try again

    I have two types of washing machine, one is a 30 year old automatic that washes in high water levels and does a better job than my 2 year old modern energy efficient machine regardless of which powder i use, so i felt i gave this powder a good test as i tried it in both

    My verdict: fine if your clothes arent that dirty


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