ChicoBags Reusable Bag Eco Product Review

Another reusable bag is on test, this time a ChicoBag reusable bag.

ChicoBag Reusable Bag

Coming with an integrated pouch and a handy carabiner for attaching to a keychain, ChicoBags are pretty easy to carry with you and not suddenly realise at the checkout that you’ve left it at home. The size is 18″x18″ (3″x4″ in the pouch), can carry about 20lbs and weighs a small 1.5oz.

They also have their own Bag Monster blog which has amusing videos of a plastic bag monster terrorizing people on the street and being “attacked” by small children.

ChicoBags cost $5 each or you can get 5 for $20.

ChicoBags Reusable Bags

12 thoughts on “ChicoBags Reusable Bag Eco Product Review

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  2. I found their site a couple of hours ago and stumbled it. The movie had me rolling on the floor! I also enjoyed the list of things about plastic bags. Whoever wrote the site has some talent………oh and the product looks good also.


  3. I like the bag they sell at it was in the Star Magazine the other day. I just ordered mine. I will keep everyone posted on how I like it when I receive it in two days. What I like the most is that they plant a tree for every bag sold, so one has been planted in my name. Yipeeeee!!!!!!


  4. Thanks Tamie, I’ll definitely take a look. Please do let us know, I’m writing a reusable bag comparison chart that will be done soon too.


  5. Enviropolis offer a wide range of high-quality, stylish, and practical eco-friendly reusable bags to customers in Asia and worldwide. Integrating both eco and style factors, our bags come from various leading brands and are great for groceries, picnic, campus, travel, shopping, books, gym, sleep-overs, gifts, beach, mountains – the possibilities are endless.

    Brands include: Envirosax – Baggu – Flip and Tumble – Crutto – ROO shopper – etc

    Thanks! πŸ™‚


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