Green Store News: 10% Off At Nigel’s Eco Store, New Products From Green People and Get Ready For Festival Season With Ecotopia

Our good friends at Nigel’s Eco Store have got a nice offer on with 10% off eco gardening products below. Get in quick before April 19th and enter the code SpringEco at the checkout to save on things like the Paper Potter, Organic String on a stand, Potting Shed Collection and 100% Biodegradable Leaf Sacks. Remeber we’re giving away an Eco Office pack from Nigel’s Eco Store in our competition – the Great Green Giveaway.

And we’re also giving away stuff from Green People which I’ve learned was founded by Charlotte Vøhtz after she started making natural and gentle organic formulations for her daughter Sandra, who suffered from severe skin irritations. Anyway in May it’s got four new products:

Body Bliss Lotion – a rejuvenating lotion works to pamper the skin with Jojoba and Green Tea offering instant hydration for a super soft feeling.
Foaming Face Wash – a soap-free face wash for all skin types bringing added benefits with its unique anti-blemish formulation, helping to reduce breakouts.
Foaming Hand Sanitizer – a unique and highly effective organic formulation designed to provide immediate, natural antibacterial protection wherever you are, the perfect alternative to soap and water for those on the go.
Baby Foaming Cleanser – a multi-purpose cleanser in a handy pump dispenser formulated to be super mild and gentle on baby’s delicate skin.

And Ecotopia (another prize giver) has launched a green survival kit to help festival goers reduce their carbon footprint at events. The kit, which contains 10 essential items, costs £59.99 and includes everything you need to have a happy, healthy and eco friendly festival. All packaging for every item is either biodegradable or recyclable (which is a personal bugbear of mine so makes me happy) and includes:

Festival pack

Freeloader Solar Charger
Condomi Condoms
The Freeplay Kito LED Lantern
Badger Tangerine Breeze Lip & Body Balm
Kingfisher Toothpaste
Preserve 100% Recycled Toothbrush
Tushies Baby Wipes
Degradable Refuse Sacks
Natracare Organic Feminine Wipes
Toms of Maine Deodorant

All good stuff.


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