How To Package A Green Product

This post is the first in our new content partnership with the Green Options network which is a community dedicated to environmental resources, education, and discussion. This post first appeared on Ecopreneurist.

We’re green entrepreneurs right? We eschew over-packaging. We skip the plastic overwrap. We limit the packing materials. We think reusable.

But…will consumers pay for it?

A recent Nielsen study shows that half of all US consumers would give up all convenience packaging if it would benefit the environment.

Green Package
  • 58 percent feel that packaging designed for easy stacking/storing at home is dispensable
  • 55 percent would give up packaging that can be used for cooking, or doubling as a re-sealable container
  • 53 percent don’t need packaging designed for easy transport

As green company business owners we try to make every aspect of our products green, including how they are packaged. Often that means thinking reusable. That may not always be the smartest choice if it increases product cost, especially as prices for everything from raw materials to transportation are increasing these days.

On the other hand, some consumers will pay extra if the package provides selected benefits. But, notice not even half of all consumers would.

At the same time, the study finds that:

  • 26 percent of U.S. consumers are least willing to give up packaging designed to keep products clean and untouched by other shoppers
  • 31 percent want to keep packaging designed to keep products in good condition
  • 31 percent want to keep packaging that preserves products to make them last longer and stay fresher
  • 33 percent need packaging information, including food labeling

As the market for green products get more competitive green entrepreneurs have to spend more time considering how packaging impacts their cost of doing business. Limiting materials makes sense. Increasing the cost of your product with something consumers aren’t willing to pay for, when big high volume companies are suddenly your competitors, does not.


2 thoughts on “How To Package A Green Product

  1. Even before I was more eco-conscious I hated over packaging, because I dislike extra work and I like to finger my products before I buy them! I wish it was more common to get packages in the mail that were recycled. Recently I got some music cds from a Canadian company for my son and after opening the box, I was thrilled to discover that it was a reused oreo cookie box, turned inside out! I recycled the box and hopefully it will have another life. I don’t see why more companies couldn’t do something similar!


  2. That’s great, I actually love it when we get sent products for review in recycled packaging, I’m thinking of using it in a scoring system somehow. To often they come in a box inside a box with bubble wrap and plastic wrapping.


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