Fairtrade Soccer Ball Eco Product Review

Sometimes we get sent products to review that aren’t that much fun, but as I love soccer (football in my language…) it wasn’t exactly a hardship testing this fairtrade ball.

Called “Right To Education”, this ball is eco-certified and certified Fair Trade. Union-made and vegan. Fair Trade means the adult workers who produced this ball received a fair wage – at no extra cost to us! Fair Trade Sports donate 100% of after tax profits to children’s charities.

I’ve put together a short video (click here if you can’t see the embedded video) of me and the Fairtrade soccer ball. Not sure why I choose that music, the banjo just appealed to me!

EDIT: If you’re looking for similar balls in the UK, Nigel’s Eco Store have a selection.


4 thoughts on “Fairtrade Soccer Ball Eco Product Review

  1. Great footage and the music made me expect Harry Enfield to appear and speak to Mr Chumley Warner.
    My son would like the ball, being footie mad and getting really interested in fairness for all in the world.
    Must investigate the cost.


  2. Hi Jo

    They’re $29.99 in the US but are available in the UK starting at £13.99 for a full size ball at Nigel’s Eco Store. I’ve added a link into the post.



  3. It’s good to know that there are companies out there that don’t just think about profits. That looks like a mighty fine soccer ball joel, and i will definitely be purchasing one to help the children.


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