Green People Organic Formula Gentle Cleanse Product Review

Green People make a load of eco-friendly stuff for men and women. We’ve looked at their Itch Away Shampoo before but they kindly sent us some of their Organic Formulas Gentle Cleanse to test. It contains 93% certified organically grown ingredients, is an alcohol-free, moisture-binding cleanser rich in essential fatty acids. While it’s also vegan and not tested on animals. I once again had my friend Claire to try and she gave it a thorough testing.

Green People Organic Formula Gentle Cleanse

“I found it very quick and convenient to use, as you don’t have to rinse your face before you apply it, it just goes straight onto your dry skin. And you have the option of either rinsing it off or wiping away with a cotton pad.

“It’s an effective makeup remover, my skin felt clean and refreshed after using it, also quite calming to the skin. I didn’t notice the ‘beautiful scent of fairly traded rose geranium’ but a pleasant scent isn’t what I look for when choosing cleansers. I also didn’t notice any of the anti-ageing benefits, but maybe others did – do I look 22 years old again?

“What I look for in a cleanser is that it gets rid of the impurities and oils in my skin without drying it out too much, and I found that this cleanser did both of those. No excess oiliness or dryness after using this product for a few days. Again, I don’t necessarily go out of my way to buy organic products, I usually go for names that I know and trust, and am often very sceptical of organic products, and they are also more expensive than non-organic brands, but I found this product mild yet effective.”

Green People Organic Formula Gentle Cleanse costs £12.99 for 200ml, £7.99 for 50ml and £3 for a 10ml trial size.


3 thoughts on “Green People Organic Formula Gentle Cleanse Product Review

  1. When I find a cleanser to be excellent, I tend to remain loyal to it – especially since I am a healthy chemical free person. I may try others, but always return to the one that continues to be excellence year after year. Despite more costly cleansers – the Made from Earth Green Tea Toxin Cleanser has been my cleanser of choice for the last 5 years.

    My skin and eyes are extremely sensitive, so I am very cautious with the type of cleanser I choose. This one was recommended by a dermatologist and I’m very grateful for the suggestion. It is extremely gentle, fragrance free and can be used directly on my eyes. I apply it onto my dry face, rub it all over, then rinse it off and pat my face dry. I gave a bottle to my sister and she was impressed, too. In all honesty, I don’t know if she’s returned to using the chanel cleanser, but I am as faithful to the Made from Earth skincare line. If you too have sensitive skin, try the Green Tea Toxin Cleanser for a nice treat – you wont be disappointed.
    Also – dont buy at your local Whole Foods. .They are usually overprice their products..its worth it to buy online for the discounts..even with the shipping expense it is cheaper…


  2. I have been using the Made from Earth “Vitamin Enhanced Face Firming Serum” for approximately a month now with some interesting results.

    A little goes a long way and it does seem to help me wake up with a soft, somewhat smoother skin texture.

    It does seem to be effective in producing a nice feel in the morning, perhaps some extra firmness, too. It’s a great compliment to Made from Earth’s Vitamin Enhanced Moisturizer which i use during the day.

    My skin feels more tight. I would not say it is miraculous with wrinkles, but I like my skins new texture. Definitely worth a try when compared with similar, more expensive products. I personally would recommend combining the Made from Earth Face Firming Serum at night and using the moisturizer during the day for the best results. That is what worked for me…even my husband made a comment on how young I looked, and he never notices anything!

    well..correction…he didn’t say I looked young. . .just how fresh he thought my face looked…I’ll take that!


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