Paper Potter Eco Product Review

Yes, spring is here (if you’re in the UK) and time for the green-fingered among you to get out in the garden. Ecoutlet sent us a great little item to help with planting – the Paper Potter.

Paper Potter

Made from 100% FSC certified wood (think it’s oak), the Paper Potter helps you make seedling pots from old newspapers. The picture basically shows you how it works and it’s beautifully simple. I like the feel of the wooden handle and also it’s a great feeling to make the little pots. And then it’s even more fun to then fill them with soil, put a seed in and plant them into the ground. I presume eventually they then biodegrade and the plant’s roots can easily break through into the wide world – we’re not quite up to that point yet but do have some little shoots growing.

But no matter how much fun it was for me, it’s much more for kids. It’s a great little thing they can do on their own and have fun making something. Not every one we made was a success but they soon get the hang of it and it’s great that you can make something they can see. In a way it’s also educational as they get to learn about gardening and plants.

For only £9.99 for Ecoutlet it’s a bargain that you’ll use year after year I reckon.


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