Mighty Wallet Product Review

The Mighty Wallet is another alternative to using a leather wallet.

Dynomighty Tyvek Wallet

Made from a single sheet of Tyvek paper (like that’s used for express envelopes) it containing 25% post consumer content (water and milk containers) and is 100% recyclable (grade 2). The wallet is also apparently virtually indestructible. It’s certainly tear resistant as I couldn’t tear it with my bare hands (looks like my phone book tearing days are over), and it’s water resistant too. It’s incredibly thin and light but has lots of slots to put cards in and the wallet will expand just like an stuffed envelope.

Available from Dynomighty for only $7.50 they come in a variety of designs, like the airmail envelope shown, faux wood, “raw hide” (printed to look like leather), camo, dot matrix printer, and one that looks like shredded paper. Available in two, or three fold versions, there is plenty of choice, go take a look for the full range. The designer Terrence Kelleman talks you through the wallet in the video below.


10 thoughts on “Mighty Wallet Product Review

  1. this is the crappiest thing I’ve had the misfortune to buy in a long time. I have only owned it 2-3 weeks and cannot believe how many times the thing has “exploded” my cards and stuff all over the floor.
    save your money.
    If you want your cards spread all over 14 stored just throw them yourself.


  2. What a waste of money… Corners frayed and print on outside totally worn through after two days! Terrible terrible terrible….


  3. Agree with post above. It is 15 dollars not 7.50. I have had to tape it together dong away with the extra pockets for business cards. Not a good product no matter how “green” you think it is it is not made from a postal envelope but printed to look like one. Really just a kitchy conversation piece needs to be renamed the “not so mighty wallet”


  4. I will admit, the mighty wallet did seem like an amazing idea. Virtually indestructible, waterproof, lightweight, and, in all honesty, just cool. I absolutely loved it when it first arrived, but within 3 or 4 weeks, it had already worn down pretty substantially. A few months went by and I found myself unable to keep it together. I took a trip to Europe and had it fall apart on me several times, releasing all of my money and cards onto the ground in an area full of pickpockets. Not exactly as “mighty” as I had hoped..
    Product-Not so much.
    I would recommend paying a few extra bucks and getting a real wallet. Sorry, but I’d much rather it do its job than be eco-friendly.


  5. I had a friend who worked for the company that made the Mighty Wallet. He gave me a couple of them to promote them. At first, I really liked it, it held lots of stuff, but it wore out extremely quickly, and like the others, completely fell apart once, sending all my money and cards flying. I’ve stuck with using the wallets and find that the longest one lasts is about 3 months, then it gets so worn out that it looks horrible and gets so loose that your stuff flies out of it if you’re not very careful. How is it eco-friendly if you have to replace it every 3 months? Leather wallets last for years! Incidentally, my friend stopped working for the company because he himself hated the product, and was being worked to death by the company without getting paid what they promised him. Stick with leather!


  6. The Mighty Wallet is a great wallet. I don’t know why the people above are crying about it. I bought one and it holds my stuff just fine. It has not worn or fallen apart on me. There is just a small crease mark in the bottom where the wallet folds (Which is natural even leather wallets have this crease). When I’ve dropped it, nothing went flying except a steel tool that was freely tucked into the second big pocket. The only complaint i have is that you have to take out all your cards to search for one. But that’s all. The wallet is holding up just fine and as long as you don’t purposely abuse it, it should last for a long time. Hate it or love it, the Mighty Wallet is truly a fascinating product.


  7. Hi Bob, are you working for Mighty Wallet? Good job for trying to convince… but the wallet really fails after a couple of months. Sorry.


  8. I agree with pretty much all the comments above. I had one for about 10 months. It was great the first month or two and it really started to fall apart. The design gets worn very, very fast and it loosens just as fast.


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