Green Link Love – Other Great Green Sites 3

Welcome gentle readers to another Green Link Love post, where I look at some other cool green sites out there that I find stumbling around or on other sites. For volumes one and two follow the links.

First up is Inhabitat, a site you might know already. They look at “the future of design, tracking the innovations in technology, practices and materials that are pushing architecture and home design towards a smarter and more sustainable future.” And show some cool stuff.

They were actually mentioned alongside Life Googles as one of 10 eco blogs for Earth Day by the Times Online (UK newspaper). So was our next site, La Marguerite.

Life Goggles Green Link Love Logo

La Marguerite is focused on behavioral solutions to global warming, and as such is more serious than our site. I don’t mean that in a bad way, it is pretty new to me but looks to have some interesting discussion articles, news and opinion pieces.

Green SAHM (found via The Good Human) has a great article about using less energy while cooking.

I don’t usually feature shopping sites, but Georgette do “ecofabulous vegan shoes for women” and we have an interview with Katleen from Georgette here.

Junk Creation wrote about my last link post, so I thought I would write about them. It’s a great site, looking at the important act of reusing, creating something useful or arty from things you may have otherwise thrown away (or that others have). Just a quick look already discovered making a tea tag bookmark or a junk sun plaque.

I also love My Recycled Bags which shows us how to create bags from old plastic bags using plastic yarn (plarn). I hope you’re feeling better Cindy, best wishes!

As they used to say on TV, that’s all we’ve got time for, so I’ll just leave you with how to create a recycling bin out of an old newspaper.


7 thoughts on “Green Link Love – Other Great Green Sites 3

  1. @Peggy and @RecycleCindy – No problem for the links, I enjoy your sites

    @RecycleCindy – All be best for the rest of your treatment, our thoughts are with you.


  2. Thanks for the links! Especially liked the low-energy cooking link. I bake a lot, so it was nice to know an hour in the oven only costs a few cents.

    Check out my blog, it’s got some pretty snazzy green news and green biz ideas as well.


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