CamelBak Water Bottle Eco Product Review

CamelBak are the originator and apparently the world leader in hands-free hydration, allowing mountain bikers to drink without taking their hands off the handlebars. Always useful I imagine!

Camelbak BPA Free reusable bottle

They have just released their new 750ml bottles that are made of a material called Tritan (a copolyester polymer), that is 100% BPA and phthalate free, so there is no-leach or residual taste. BPA is Bisphenol-A, an ingredient used in making polycarbonate and is potentially toxic to human health. For more information, Wikipedia can help you. Anyway, we’re very glad this reusable bottle is BPA free.

They’re available in 0.5 litre, 0.75l and 1.0l versions and I tried a lovely tangerine color one. They’re also available in the green shown here, grey, pink and blue, however more important is how they taste.

Which is fine, I couldn’t taste any plastic. When I first got the bottom it smelt of plastic but that’s because it was wrapped in bubble wrap and has a protective plastic wrapper. However once washed there was no after taste, and all was good. As with these type of bottles there are various optional extras, like sleeves, and different caps.

The bottle is available from a number of retailers just go to CamelBak and search for one near you.


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