Envirosax Reusable Bag Product Review

Whilst we have a reusable bag summary chart on the way, it’s time for look at another reusable bag on review.

Envirosax were founded in Australia in 2004 (now available in the US) and make eco-friendly bags. Made from a lightweight polyester they have reinforced seams in order to carry the weight of two plastic shopping bags,

The most striking feature (besides that it rolls up really small) is the sheer number of cool designs they come in. The picture is of the one I’ve got, Mikado #5, however they have many designs in the Graphic Series (Mikado, Retro Graphic, Monochromatic, Flora, Amazonia, and Retro Kitchen). They also have a big Kids range (as in a big range, not a range for big kids…). My favorite being the Dogasaurus.

If you prefer your bags plain, they have the Greengrocer series of bags that are all one color. Finally the Organic series have bags made of Bamboo/linen, just linen or hemp.

At the moment they’re including a free 3-4 minute shower timer with every order. Cool bags, and their brochures are made on recycled paper with soy-based ink – I always like that too. Check them out.


8 thoughts on “Envirosax Reusable Bag Product Review

  1. Thanks for this great review, Joel.

    Any idea which would be the most eco-friendly bag: bamboo/linen, linen or hemp?

    They all look like great stylish alternatives to throwaway plastic bags!

    – Aaron Dalton, Editor, 1GreenProduct.com


  2. Excellent question Aaron. To be smart I’d say the bag you currently own is the most eco-friendly bag to use. I’m against buying green products when you already own alternatives (with the possible exception of cleaning products), creating waste is not the aim. If I had to choose I would probably say hemp but there’s nothing in it really, it all depends on how that particular bag is made.


  3. Check out BaggyShirts-Reusable Bags Made from Recycled Clothing for a Healthier Planet!
    Very cool and very green…..folks who make these bags from recycled shirts work from home and are paid an above-average wage for the industry…..www.baggy-shirts.com.


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