5 Green Social Bookmarking Sites

We all know of Digg, Reddit, Mixx, Technorati and StumbleUpon which are great social media (or bookmarking) websites, and in fact are the best for green/environment submissions too. But what about sites specifically for green content? With the demise of EcoBlogs.net I thought I would take a look at other options. As they all work pretty much the same way I’m not going to explain how to use them, plus they’re in no particular order.

Hugg logo

Hugg is the biggie, owned by Treehugger. It’s not without it’s problems though, downtime and randomly logging out logged in users being it’s main problems. I’m not sure it gets much attention, the copyright is out of date and it gives off an air of being unloved to me.

Sustain logo

Sustain (from Newsladder) is a very new site, so at the moment most articles submitted get between 1 and 3 hits/adds/pluses/whatever, but it’s an easy way to get on the front page. The site does have a Google Page Rank (PR) of 4 and doesn’t seem to use “nofollow” if you care about such things.

Care2 logo

Care2 is not just a social bookmarking site, but it does position itself as news, video and more for the conscious world. The home page is PR 7 but just links to more info about your site/submission. It’s pretty popular for a green social bookmark site, and seems to have a good community around it.

MindBodyGreen logo

MindBodyGreen claims it’s the source for the newest and most popular news on better, healthier, greener living. It does have a nice color-coded system to tell you what each submission is about, a blue icon being about Mind, orange about Body and green, er, about Green stuff. You can vote a submission down as well as up. Home page is a PR 4 and links seem to follow directly.

Plant Change logo

Plant Change is an usually named Australian site that likes to get articles that stimulate environmental debate. Seems to work pretty much like all the others though you can’t vote negatively, just positively. The homepage has a PR of 4 and the links redirect to the relevant website.

What green social bookmarking sites do you use? Or do you prefer to use the big boys, like Digg?


15 thoughts on “5 Green Social Bookmarking Sites

  1. I considered this when starting my blog earlier in the year. My main goal is to spread the greeness to the non-green world. To really get our message out there, I think we need to use the big boys. I prefer Digg and Kirtsy but that’s just me.


  2. There is certainly a lot more activity on the big sites which is obviously a good and a bad thing. I like the goal of the green only sites but in a way teh big sites have “environment” sections so make them a little redundant.


  3. It’s a little tricky, the big sites are certainly the best for reaching the most amount of environmental users. I think it’s going to be a while before we see similar traffic on the niche green sites.


  4. It is great to view thesocial bookmarking sites.
    It will certainly help more number of users and most of them will be benifitted.



  5. Thanks for this nice post. I am using Hugg now but will try the others you have mentioned.

    These sites can get me targeted traffic and its easier to get noticed. Whereas I would only be wasting my time if I submit at digg or reddit.


  6. I am surprised that there are not a lot more green social sites. There are a lot of green businesses popping up, and there are so many different takes on the subject, and a lot of niches within the niche itself. I would expect rain forest social sites, and recycling social sites, and biodiversity sites, and even green automobile sites. This could be a great tool for sharing information. I can picture a green motor head club…


  7. Thanks James, I do see more and more green social sites appearing, and these are only social bookmarking sites. There are green communities popping up more and more.


  8. I did some digging after my comment, and ran across a few of the niche things I thought should have existed. A green auto website that was really nice, and a blog on green books, that I thought was cool.


  9. Extremely hard to make it to the front page. You need gobs of friends, precious hours of the day voting, commenting, and networking. There is a very specific crowd of people on Digg, they are VERY hard to please, quite jaded, and super savvy about social networks. A great big beast of a challenge! One day i will crack it.
    Social Bookmarking


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