Skoy Cloth Earth Friendly Product Review

Skoy Cloth is a reusable cleaning cloth made from a blend of cotton and wood-pulp cellulose. 100% biodegradable, the cloth is non-toxic, chlorine free and uses water based colors.

Skoy Cloth

Apparently one cloth can last as long as 15 rolls of paper towels, which in my house means a long time. To clean it you can put it in the dishwasher or the washing machine and it will be fine and dandy. You can even microwave it if you want to kill bacteria (as long as it’s wet first it’ll be OK).

Created by two stay-at-home moms living in Encinitas, California, I met Karen and was bowled over by her enthusiasm for the product. Discovered by her business partner Michelle whilst living in Europe, they’ve worked hard to bring a similar product to the US.

The cloth worked well, it was more sturdy than most paper towels and it’s re-usability makes it very cost effective. It’s very water absorbent, which is obviously a good thing in a cleaning cloth, and was also handy instead of a cleaning sponge.

They cost $4.99 (plus shipping) for a four pack and come in different colors. You can buy them online from Skoy and other online and bricks and mortar retailers.


6 thoughts on “Skoy Cloth Earth Friendly Product Review

  1. Hi Joel,

    Thanks for this review. Sounds like an interesting product. Did you use the Skoy cloth to clean up any big messes (spilled juice, tomato sauce, etc?) Just wondering how easy it was to clean the Skoy for reuse and whether you tried cleaning it in the dishwasher or washing machine?

    It’s great that the cloth is biodegradable and made from cotton and cellulose. So often these types of reusable cloths are made from some petroleum-based polyester!

    – Aaron Dalton, Editor,


  2. Hi Aaron, thanks for your comment. Not having kids I didn’t have any really big messes to clean up, but the cloth did all the general cleaning of the kitchen area nicely. I plan to try the dishwasher and washing machine soon. They’re cheap so just give them a try and see.


  3. Hey Joel,

    You don’t need kids to have big messes! (At least I manage to make a mess sometimes without kids) 😉

    Hope you’ll post back and let us know how the Skoy Cloths survive the cleaning process!

    – Aaron


  4. Hi, Joel,

    I purchased these skoy cloths and they are even more amazing in person. Durable with the feel of a sponge and paper towel in one.
    These will be added to our website for purchase by Monday!



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