Night Fire Eco Book Review

We read a lot of green books here at Life Goggles, so sometimes it’s nice to read on with a different slant. Night Fire by Ronnie Greene is subtitled Oil, Posion Air, And Margie Richard’s Fight To Save Her Town.

Night Fire by Ronnie Greene

It’s the story of how a woman who lived close (25 feet away!) to a chemical plant became determined to hold Shell accountable for the environmental poison that she, and her neighbours were exposed to. Margie Richard educated herself and her neighbours in environmental hazards and also legal matters in an effort to get to the truth. A truth that cost her sister, Naomi, her life as she succumbed to a rare lung disease linked to environmental poison.

Written by a prize-winning investigative journalist called Ronnie Greene, the author does a great job of bringing together interviews, documents and news reports into an interesting story. The largely poor African-American neighborhood of Diamond in Norco, Louisiana is brought to life in manner that makes it all the more familiar and real. From the early 1970’s to almost 35 years later, it’s an interesting journey and a shining example of what people, and the human spirit can achieve. It’s also frightening to see what circumstances some people are, perhaps unwittingly, living in.

Available now from Amazon, published by Harper Collins.


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