Fun Green Roundup #12

If you want to read the other Fun Green Roundups (and why wouldn’t you?) they can be found here.

Fishy hub caps
Life Goggles did an interview with Ptomley from Hubcap Creatures and what fun they are. Basically discarded hubcaps are turned into fish. But also dragons, turtles, insects, dogs and probably whatever else you ask him to make.

Sky cats
There seems to be an animal theme here, and maybe a fishy theme too as carbon offsetting is often a way of excusing being ungreen. But Sky television in the UK (part of Rupert Murdoch’s empire) have an advert about how green it is. Fun but not convincing maybe.

Carbon friendly arachnid
Friendly spiderWhat the hell, let’s continue the creature theme. Groovy Green reported that certain spider species that live upside-down are more energy efficient than other spiders. Which, while not important for humans, it might be for robotics. But the writer does have a message: “Should this research lead to a new breed of killer-spider robots, please remember we warned you.”
Thanks to Sevenoaks Art for the spider.

And finally
Couldn’t find another animal/insect based story, so here’s a link from Treehugger about a great cycle path. I’m off to Amsterdam soon and think this might make the trip worthwhile…
You can get a bus through there


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