Method Foaming Handwash Eco Product Review

Being a generous man by nature, I opted to donate the Method Foaming Handwash that Big Green Smile sent me to my friend Claire to let her to test. Not that I didn’t want it, but they sent me a load of things to test and there are only so many hours in the day.

So good old Claire (saying that, she’s 22) took it home and tried it out for me and then answered my insightful questions to see how she found it.

Did it work?
Do you mean did it clean my hands? I would say not quite as thoroughly as a liquid soap. Because it was self foaming it just wasn’t as effective. I always wash my hands when I get home after being on the Tube, and often I’ll have newspaper ink on my hands. I found that I had to rub my hands together longer and more vigorously with this stuff to get them looking clean.

Did you have to use a lot?
Just one pump per wash. Probably the same amount as a liquid soap pump but you can’t really tell since it comes out as a foam. But each pump is probably the size of a 50p coin.

How was the smell?
The smell was quite pleasant, I think there is tea tree in it. But yes, you can smell it and it smells nice. And the smell did stay on my hands after washing and drying them.

Did it foam up a lot?
One pump doesn’t create as much of a lather as a liquid soap, but it is enough per wash. It doesn’t create as much foam as the liquid soap does when it foams up in your hands, so you probably get more value for your money from the liquid soap.

How long has it lasted?
Well there are five of us in our house, it is next to the kitchen sink, so probably gets used 3-4 times a day. There is still about a quarter left in the bottle I think. So i guess it will last us three or four weeks. I don’t think that is as long as a bottle of liquid soap normally lasts us. They usually last more than a month.

Better than none eco-hand soap?
Not necessarily, non eco hand wash may have chemicals in it that people like to say are bad for us, but they are also probably better at cleaning your hands than the eco stuff. But this does feel gentle on your hands, doesn’t dry them out like soap can.

Is it better than soap?
No. Didn’t feel like it cleaned my hands as well as soap, and soaps nowadays have moisturisers in them to stop your hands drying out. [By the way Method contains natural moisturisers like aloe, vitamin E and glycerine]

Are you happier to use this than nasty chemical soaps? (that’s not a leading question at all)
When I’m choosing hand soaps, I don’t consider eco friendly ingredients or nice smells. I go for antiseptic capabilities, but that’s because I’m a germaphobe.

Are you hands any softer?
No. Often soaps can dry your hands out immediately after washing them, and I suppose this product didn’t, but you’re never going to rely on a hand soap alone to keep your hands moisturised and soft. That is what moisturising cream is for.

Any other comments?
If eco friendly is important to you then I think you’d like this product, it feels gentle on your hands, has a nice natural, organic smell and doesn’t dry your hands out. But for me personally, what I look for in a soap is that it cleans my hands and the bottle will last a long time, and I think other liquid soaps are better at this than the product I tried.

So there you have it. Method Foaming Handwash is available from Big Green Smile and costs £3.25.


6 thoughts on “Method Foaming Handwash Eco Product Review

  1. hey Adam,
    Great to hear your friend Claire’s perspective on the Method foaming handwash.

    I have to say that even though I love Method’s message and the design of its bottles, I kind of agree with Claire that it doesn’t seem to clean that well.

    Also, I guess I have pretty sensitive skin, but Method always seems to leave my hands feeling a bit red and unhappy.

    As for Claire’s germaphobe tendencies, I can totally relate. I believe the subway here in NYC is about 10x as dirty as the tube. That said, I’ve gone away from the triclosan-containing antibiotic soap after reading that triclosan is a pesticide and deciding I’d rather not have pesticide on my hands.

    There’s also apparently risks that overuse of triclosan or other antibacterial products in the general population could cause antibacterial resistance among bacteria.

    But the biggest reason I stopped using antibacterial soaps was reading that regular soap and water do just as good a job of killing germs. See the two posts on antibacterial soaps here on broomhuggers for details:

    Roaming the Internet will find far more evidence that antibacterial soaps probably cause more harm than good. As a fellow germaphobe (Monk is my favorite TV show), I hope that your friend Claire will begin to at least start considering using a triclosan-free soap.

    Aaron Dalton,


  2. Interesting review. Very good. I wonder what Claire would think of their regular liquid soap? Unlike many folks, I don’t practice Method worship, but I do really like their grapefruit hand soap. It doesn’t seem to dry my hands and it foams well. Also seems to last a long time (plus you can get refills).


  3. Argh, my review seems to have disappeared.

    Hm. Well, I had written quite a long comment, but it’s all gone now.

    Unlike “Green Me”, Method soap does seem to dry out my hands quite a bit.

    I want to like the design and company eco-policies, but the soap just doesn’t work well for me. (I do have sensitive skin.)

    I also made a broader point about the general consensus that regular soaps work just as well as the antibacterial kind in terms of killing germs. Even though I’m a germaphobe, I’ve switched away from soaps containing triclosan (the ingredient in most U.S. antibacterial soaps and washes). I’d encourage your friend Claire to do a bit of research into the subject…

    – Aaron Dalton,


  4. Hi Aaron,
    Your comment is still in our system and approved but not showing the text on the page for some reason! Sorry about that, if I can’t get it to work I’ll post it below in a minute.


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