Lavera Men Care Range Product Review

Our good friends over at SoOrganic sell a lot of cool stuff, and one that I like is the Lavera Men Care range.

Lavera Men Care range

There’s a great cheap way to try them to, as they come in trial size. The kit pictured contains:
Shaving Cream
Aftershave Balm
Shower Shampoo
Cool Lime Shower Shampoo
Aqua Fresh Shower Shampoo

Personally I just like the smell. Not sure if it’s the organic horsetail (?!), but the shaving cream is a treat, you know, as far as shaving creams go. I like buying several products in range as then everything smells consistent, but they are available here with different scents for you to find your favourite. You can choose from Original Men Care Basic – reminiscent of freshly cut grass, ripe citrus fruits and green tea (this is my personal choice), Aqua Fresh SPA – sublime vetiver root, wild thyme and fresh lemongrass, Cool Lime SPA – juicy limes, with cooling mint and oil of green mandarins, and Relaxing Sandalwood SPA – precious sandalwood, softly fragrant mace and warm vanilla.

Available in trial/test size gift box for £5.95 from SoOrganic or individually in proper size, they’re about £3.95 each.


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