Small Energy Saving Bulbs

I mean the bulb is small, not the energy saving is small! Sylvania have released a tiny range of CFL bulbs that are about 30% smaller than traditional ones. If you’re sick of seeing the bottom of a bulb hanging/poking out of a lamp (aren’t we all…..) then these are for you.

The Sylvania micro-mini Twist bulbs are packaged in 100 percent recycled paperboard and pretty cheap from Amazon. The price depends on what wattage you want, how many, and whether you want ambient, accent or “task” lighting. Who thinks of these names…?

Sylvania Bulbs

4 thoughts on “Small Energy Saving Bulbs

  1. Hey Joel,

    Totally agree that Sylvania should get props for the micro-mini CFL. I review the product on my site last month ( and have been happily using one of the bulbs in my home.

    It does a great job of providing me with reading light and I love that the metal lamp in which the bulb is housed doesn’t get too hot. (When I had an incandescent bulb in the lamp, I had to be careful not to touch the lamp if I didn’t want to get burned.)

    Another bonus from the micro-mini — less mercury than a regular-size CFL bulb!

    – Aaron Dalton,


  2. Hi Joel,

    As far as my eye can detect, there’s no delay at all with start-up time. The Micro-Mini seems to achieve instant-on full brightness.

    I’ve only been buying CFLs for a year or so, but the technology seems to have improved remarkably in that short time.

    Frankly, the short delay didn’t bother me much before, but the latest generation of bulbs like the Micro-Mini seem to have eliminated the delay entirely.

    – Aaron Dalton,


  3. Thanks Aaron. I’m going to have to get some as I’ve got some brand new Sylvania CFLs and I get complaints that they take too long o brighten up. To be fair they do but it’s not the end of the world.


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