Employers Not Doing Their Part

Employees in the leisure industry are keen to shrink their workplace emissions but need more support to do so, according to new research carried out by Carbon Trust. The results are similar to what has been found in other industries by other surveys – employees don’t think their employers do enough.

Smoking chimney

It found that 63% of employees wanted to cut emissions but need more guidance and empowerment. Just 18% thought their company was doing enough to cut its emissions and 71% said that their employer made no attempt encourage them to consider different ways of lowering their carbon footprint.

Hugh Jones, solutions director at the Carbon Trust, said: “Our research shows that those in workplaces where a ‘Carbon Champion’ has been appointed say it encouraged more action to reduce emissions. You can put in a new energy-efficient boiler, or install low-energy light bulbs, and those will make a difference, but many of the measures that will have the biggest impact and achieve the greatest savings require buy-in across your workforce.

“In the current economic climate it’s never been more important for all businesses, of all sizes, to act on climate change. With savings of up to 20 per cent to be made on energy bills through no cost or cost effective measures it makes perfect business sense to empower employees to do their bit both at work and at home.

“You need your teams to think twice before printing documents, to turn off their PCs and lights at the end of the day, to participate enthusiastically in recycling schemes and to consider the carbon footprints of the method of travel they use and the products they source.”

[Source: Carbon Trust]


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