Google’s Products Go Green

We’ve previously mentioned many of Google’s green projects, such as their scheme, Summer of Green and their well-known commitment to solar energy.

Google Hemp Travel Organizer

Now their physical products have gone green, with their store launching The Green Initiative, selling their usual products that are now from sustainable sources, organic, recycled and/or, non-polluting. Their items in the eco friendly range include pencils made from recycled blue jeans, bamboo t-shirts, biodegradable lip balm and a cool hemp travel organizer (pictured).

It’s good to see a massive company like Google moving towards these products, and showing that there are equally effective ways of producing products than the current popular means.

[Hat tip: GroovyGreen]


4 thoughts on “Google’s Products Go Green

  1. I couldn’t quite fathom how pencils would be made from denim, so I went to Google’s website. It looks like they’re *covered* in recycled denim, which is interesting, but doesn’t seem all the Green to add a superfluous covering to a functional object…

    (Don’t mean to be harsh on Google, but I’m just saying…)

    If you are looking for green pencils, I’ve heard Enviro STIKS are a good bet –

    I plan to review them on my site soon.

    Meanwhile, if you’re more into pens, I think Pilot has some great options in their BeGreen line –

    – Aaron Dalton,


  2. If Google effectively turns green, it’s a logical consequence of a company that effectively consumes a lot of energy but doesn’t pay their usage in carbon offset. Still, it’s nice to hear they effectively are not able to dodge the subject anymore.


  3. Very true, I think a “could do better” score is suitable at the moment. They do have some great initiatives though and if these become widespread then it would be fantastic.


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